Host a Startup Keg

Why we do what we do?

Startups often want to have people over to show them the awesome things they are doing. The problem is, there is simply no time to go through all the things that need to be done for a simple but well organised 'borrel' or a party - ensuring good music, taking care of food & drinks and inviting the right people.

What do we offer?

Startups throw a keg on various occasions. Here are some of the most popular ones. Do you have any other reason to celebrate in your office? Let us know!


  • Just to simply throw a keg in an office, support local startup community, startup keg is cool so it makes you look cool too!

  • If you have something to launch and want to celebrate with everyone

  • You have new office and want to show it to people

  • Does your startup have a birthday and you want to celebrate it with free beer & a birthday cake?

  • Do you have open vacancies but the traditional way of hiring seems to be too boring and takes up too much time? let us send targeted invitations to your The Startup Keg and invite potential employees over to have a drink and a chat with you

How can I host one?

We offer a very personalised service to cater for everything you need. But we do it in a cool way

Let us know your aims in the form below, and we will sort out the details and get back to you! If you have any questions email

Host keg enquiry form

  • Give us some insights as to why you want a keg?!
  • This also depends on how large your offices are!
  • We don't yet provide Startup kegs outside the Amsterdam area.
  • This should be a Friday!!
  • Let us you know your email so we can get in contact!
  • Let us know your mobile phone number so we can contact you if the emails fails 🙁