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What's The Startup Keg?

There are so many events to go in Amsterdam's Startupland. However, most of these events charge for entry or try and sell you something. At The Startup Keg there is none of that. We've kegs full of free beer sponsored by Startups in their office where you can chill and enjoy the end of the week. No strings attached.


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What people say


"The Startup Keg is awesome! The vibe, people and of course the beers are the right ingredients to have a great party and meet interesting people of the startup community."


 Having been at most of The Startup Kegs that have taken place so far, it was a real pleasure to host one ourselves.

Well-publicized, well-attended, well-received... what more could you ask for?

CashOrCard POS

"Always awesome to have local startup enthusiasts over to share experiences!"


"Hosting The Startup Keg is great! If you do it right it is the ultimate key to meet inspiring people, to have a brilliant afternoon, have a dance a laugh and a drink - and maybe even to do some business with all these nice folks."

Smart.pr & Nouncy

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